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What to see in Langkawi

Langkawi is the largest island of the same name archipelago in the Andaman Sea. It is only 30 km long, so it is quite possible to move around on foot, by bicycle or bike. The island lives in tourism, and there is something to see: there are mangroves, karst caves, waterfalls, beautiful sandy beaches with a gentle entrance, places for interesting diving and snorkeling.

Top 10 Langkawi Attractions
Kilim River

Kilim – the island’s most popular “sightseeing” river, along the banks of which several sights are located. First of all, the river itself is interesting with its mangroves, many birds and monkeys and a fantastic landscape. In several places, the Kilim River flows through limestone cliffs that form karst caves. Some of them are available for inspection. Bats nest on their ceilings. In addition, there are feeding places for eagles on the river – they flock here in packs to pieces of meat that tourists offer them.

There are a lot of birds of prey in the Kilim nature reserve, you can also find a black kite and a white-bellied eagle, but the red eagle is a symbol of the island. There is a fish farm, which is usually delivered at the end of the excursion to have a snack here: you can feed the fish and swim with them. There are habitats for crocodiles, wild mountain bees and snakes.

Gunung mountain

This is the highest point of the island. The height of the mountain is 881 meters, so no special climbing skills will be required. A good road is paved to the top, you can climb on foot, you can use a bike rented at the foot.

In addition to the asphalt road, there is also a 3 km long one-way hiking ecological route, it is laid along the side of the mountain through the territory of the small Lubok Semilang National Park. Most of this route is a staircase, it has 4278 steps. It may be difficult, but it rises through the wild forest, and along the way there are waterfalls, monkeys, many insects, birds and interesting plants.

At the top of the mountain there is an observation deck from which you can see almost the entire island, and for a small fee you can still climb the turret, from which the view is even better. It’s better to go there on a cloudless day, because sometimes fog and clouds block the view.

Sky suspension bridge

From the East Village, to the top of the nearby Mat Cincang Mountain, at a height of 708 meters, there is a cable car, which is considered one of the steepest in the world: the elevation angle is only 42 degrees. Her cabins are closed, and the travel time is 20 minutes. At the very top there is an observation deck, there is a cafe and a toilet.

And the most interesting part starts from the cable car – the Sky Bridge suspension bridge over the precipice. Its length is 125 meters, and it really soars in the sky, and sometimes can hide in the clouds. So it’s better to come here in sunny weather, and besides, keep in mind that at altitude it can be cool and windy even on the hottest tropical day. The cable car and visiting the bridge are paid separately.

The Oriental village itself, from which the road starts, is a mini-town consisting mainly of restaurants and duty-free shops. There is nothing ethnographic here, except for local souvenirs, but shopping itself may seem interesting.

Marine Park Pulau Payar

People come to Malaysia not only to swim, but also to study the life of coral reef dwellings. Not so far is the longest reef system on the planet – the Great Barrier Reef. Around the islands of Malaysia there are many sites where there are also beautiful reefs – for example, Payar Marine Park – just 30 km from Langkawi.

The island of Pulau Payar is a small atoll, only 100-200 m wide and a half km in length, there is nothing on it but a section of wild jungle where no one is allowed to go, a beach and places for diving. It is forbidden to build hotels and stay overnight. The area that is available for snorkeling and diving is also limited – but usually there are a lot of beautiful fishes here. There are a lot of black and reef sharks – they are small and not dangerous for humans, but still impressive.

Park “Bird Paradise”
Bird Paradise Park combined with a zoo is located 10 kilometers from the island’s capital. There are many birds here, and safe food for them is sold at the entrance. There are many bright tropical almost-tame parrots, a flock of flamingos, peacocks walk freely along the paths. There are areas for waterfowl, small birds that are accustomed to peck grain from their hands, ostriches.

In addition to birds, there are rare species of turtles, a pond with bright decorative carps, porcupines, raccoons, meerkats, several large monkeys, a corral with decorative rabbits and chickens. In general, this is just a small contact zoo, designed mainly for children, but there really are more than 150 species of birds, and most of them are bright tropical creatures.

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