Rest in the Carpathians in winter
The Carpathians ... Winter ... Rest ... The combination of these three words ignites in the soul of every Ukrainian tourist who truly loves the picturesque nature of the Ukrainian…

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Choose a travel agency
Suppose that you are going on a trip, but do not know who to turn to for the selection of a suitable tour. In the tourist market of your city…

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The 7 most overrated sights of the world where you can not waste your time
Going on a trip, for sure, you dream of visiting the most popular attractions to take stunning photos and proudly share your experiences with friends and family. And certainly you…

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The 7 most overrated sights of the world where you can not waste your time

Going on a trip, for sure, you dream of visiting the most popular attractions to take stunning photos and proudly share your experiences with friends and family. And certainly you are not ready for the disappointment that lies in wait in some advertised places, which in reality look less impressive than on the same advertising poster. has compiled a list of attractions that are objectively overrated and are unlikely to give you the positive emotions you are counting on. To compare your expectations with reality, you can move the slider in the photos left-right and clearly see all the differences.
Times Square, New York
Each person entering the Big Apple for the first time considers it his duty to go straight to Times Square, anticipating what impression he will get from what he sees. The sight, by the way, is mesmerizing, but only until you start to feel the rumble of cars and the rumble of a crowd of thousands rushing about their business. And the battle to be in the square becomes uncomfortable and boring. But you, of course, will put a tick that you have visited one of the most significant places in New York. But whether you want to return there again is a big question.

Juliet’s balcony, Verona
Surely you too were moved to tears by the story of young Romeo and Juliet, trying to save their love from angry relatives, and you also dreamed of visiting where this action took place. In the same way, millions of tourists rushing to Verona think in order to see with their own eyes the very balcony from which Juliet supposedly answered her lover, and at the same time rub the statue of the girl, hoping to experience the same strong mutual feelings as the heroes of the Shakespeare play (only with happy ending, of course). However, you will be disappointed upon arrival – you can’t approach the balcony, which, incidentally, was built after the play was written, and the statue was surrounded by people who wanted to find their love. Therefore, you have to humbly crowd in a narrow alley, waiting for your turn.

Painting “Mona Lisa”, Paris
Many travelers who are going to meet with the beautiful Gioconda for the first time, bewitching with their mysterious smile, believe that they will have enough time to enjoy the importance of moments in a calm atmosphere and consider the famous masterpiece in great detail. But how can they be disappointed when, finally reaching Leonardo’s masterpiece, they discover that this small (literally) work of art obscures from them dense rows of other lovers of beauty. Therefore, before imbued with the moment and try to take a selfie against the background of the mysterious Mona Lisa, they must first break through the tourists.

Sculpture “The Little Mermaid”, Denmark
This famous heroine of Andersen’s fairy tale, gracefully hovering over the water surface, has been a symbol of Denmark for about 100 years and a must-see place for lovers and those who dream of making some picturesque shots. Everything would be fine, but the sculpture, reaching a height of 1.25 m, often does not live up to the expectations of those travelers who specially changed their route in order to admire something larger. In addition, before you take a picture against the backdrop of this fragile figure, you need to be patient and wait until your turn comes up. After all, you did not think that you would be the only tourist there?

Dead Sea, Middle East
The Dead Sea, or rather, the unique salt lake in the Middle East, located between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, attract connoisseurs of beauty. Indeed, amazing landscapes with snow-white salt crystals, picturesquely sparkling in iridescent azure water, as well as the opportunity to experience the effect of weightlessness (for this it’s enough just to lie on the water, as if on a water mattress), will not leave anyone indifferent. However, there are also enough people who want to try the effective salts and therapeutic mud of the Dead Sea. You will wander along the beach for a long time, looking for a secluded place (if only to prevent accidental neighbors who are smeared with mud from head to toe).

Stonehenge, Wiltshire
Stonehenge is one of the most popular and most visited British tourist attractions. What can we say about ordinary travelers, if archaeologists have been exploring this place for many years, trying to unravel the secret of its origin, but they still can not decide on the main version. People from all over the world are striving with their own eyes to see this ancient building, or rather, a stone complex, consisting of 83 five-ton megaliths, 30 stone blocks and several 50-ton stones, and without fail to take an impressive selfie against the background of a stone block. But while you choose the ideal angle for yourself, you will have to work hard and overtake other connoisseurs of antiquity.

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