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“New” Paris: little-known tourist places to go with children

The capital of France is unique in that it is always able to surprise both the inexperienced and the experienced traveler. Going to Paris for the first time, it is proposed to explore world famous sights. These include, of course, the Louvre, where you can spend more than one day.

It is worth visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, and recall the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo, the Eiffel Tower, which is the visiting card of the city. All these places are the first in the excursion list of tourists. For those who want to get to know Paris more closely, to know its romance and truly fall in love with the city, it is proposed to walk along its quiet streets, taste delicious French sweets and just relax your soul.

You can explore Paris not only from the observation platforms of the Eiffel Tower, which is beautiful especially in the evening. A new view and a beautiful panorama of the city will open from the Institute of the Arab world. This is a building in which the entrance to the roof is open. From it you can clearly see the beautiful Seine, Saint-Germain Boulevard, the Sulie Bridge, the Turner embankment. True, the entrance is open only in the daytime, and Paris is especially beautiful at night.

After the Champs Elysees, having enjoyed the architecture of the Louvre, having learned all about the life of the kings, you can go to a lesser-known place, the Buddhist pantheon. It is quiet and calm, there are very few visitors. In the pantheon there is a Chinese garden, with stones and a pond, in which exotic fish peacefully swim. There are many flowers in the garden. This is an unusual Buddhist world in the midst of a hectic, bustling city life.

In the city you can find a quiet street where you will not find cars. This is Dead End on square des Peupliers, a small square that sits on the banks of the Bievra River. Poplar grows on the coast. On the street there are small stone buildings. The hedges are entwined with greenery, behind which small stone houses hid. When you get into this “dead end” you forget that literally on the next street people are running somewhere and cars are racing.

They recommend visiting an abandoned railway. A place of amazing beauty. Once, indeed, trains passed through it. Now the walls of the niche were covered with wild vegetation.

Be sure to walk around Montmartre. There is a wall of love on the street, where lovers leave their confessions and write their innermost desires.

You can safely take children to Paris. They will be very interested there. The public gardens have numerous playgrounds for children. Children are sure to be asked to take them to an amusement park, at Disneyland.

You can have fun in the Asterix Park. Here they conduct quests with real heroes from the Roman Empire. The park is divided into thematic sites: “Roman Empire”, “Vikings”, “Greece”. At each site, you can get knowledge related to history.

They spend interesting time in the botanical garden and the zoo. The garden is located near Notre Dame Cathedral. The zoo houses a museum of evolution and natural history. After the museums, you can have fun at the local attractions and enjoy delicious croissants and ice cream.

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